Dragonflies and Damselflies
25 July 2007
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At some of the sites that I visit, there is a kind of grass that if it is not called "saw grass" it should be.  It will rip into your skin like a million little blades and leave you bleeding and burning.  I always seem to wear shorts to these places.  There is a plus, if you miss a dragonfly but knock it into this grass it will get stuck and you can still get to it before it can extract itself.

12 Spot
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Sometimes these dragonflies are called 10 spot, sometimes they are called 12 spot.  Either way they are easy to identify from afar.

Ebony Jewelwing
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The female Jewelwing is just a striking but more coppery.  They have white tipped wings.

Ebony Jewelwing
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These broadwing damselflies are common but strikingly beautiful.  They sparrkle in the sun and I cannot resist taking many photos of them.

Jewelwing Sex
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       Jewelwings get busy.