Dragonflies and Damselflies
August 2007 /2
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Here are some more offerings from August.

Ocellated Darner
2007 All rights reserved

I found another Ocellated Darner, Boyeria grafiana, but this one was in Oneida County.  I caught it in the same place as the more common Fawn Darner, Boyeria vinosa, but if I'm reading my field guide correctly, this is the Ocellated one. (I later caught one in Madison County as well)

Other End of Darner
2007 All rights reserved

This is the Ocellated Darner's face.

Darner Butt
2007 All rights reserved

I know that you were just dying to see a closeup of the butt!

Fawn Darner
2007 All rights reserved

The Fawn Darner, Boyeria vinosa, if you look closely at the abdomen, you can see that the spots are much smaller in this species.

Fawn Darner Face
2007 All rights reserved

 Although it is not clear in these photos the two species differ very slightly in color.  The Fawn Darner is of course more fawn in color whereas the Ocellated Darner is more of a slate color.  The stripes on the shoulders of the Ocellated Darner are green and are yellow and somewhat faded on the Fawn Darner.