Dragonflies and Damselflies
3 July 2007
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Second day in the field, I went to a spot that has two ponds that are divided by a man-made dam.  I had planned to hit each pond but I never got past my first spot.  There was a lot of activity there.

The area is a popular camping and fishing spot so there is a lot of litter and trash such as old tires around.  Someone even dumped a refridgerator there a couple years ago.  The response of the people who frequent the area was to riddle it with bullets.  I guess that showed it where the bear when though the buckwheat!

Litter Pad
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As usual the animals have found a way to adapt.

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When I said there was a lot going on.. well ohh boy....
Look at the photo closely and you will notice what looks like eggs near the blue one's tail.  They are actually mites that use dragonflies as transportation.  They hop off when they get where ever they are going.
Bluets, Enallagma, the blue on is the male, the green one is the female.

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This is (I believe) a Dot-tailed Whiteface, Leucorrhinia intacta.  It has a dot on its tail and, well you can see its face.

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It never fails to happen, you've got a Dragonfly in the net and you see something cool on the way back to the recording site.  Luckily, there were more of these Spreadwing Lestes, so I got my pictures.


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