Alison's Pet Photos
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Close Encounters of the First Kind
2007 All rights reserved


The second time Rowdy spotted a porcupine, I was right there.  He dove into the bushes and attacked it.  I tried to get him to come to me but he was too focused on revenge.  This time he ended up with quills in his face, paws, chest tongue, roof of his mouth and in his nose.  The porcupine while a little more naked than he started out, but was none the worse for wear.



Ok, this year, Rowdy and Sadie found a baby porcupine in the woods.  I saw them spot it so I was able to get right there, it took a couple of shouts but I was able to get Rowdy to leave it and I got a leash on him.  Sadie got a few quills in her nose and decided right away that porcupine harassing was not as much fun as she thought.  The baby was totally unharmed.  This time I pulled most of them out myself right there and with the help of a pair of tweezers, pulled the rest of them out of both dogs at home.  Rowdy still has not learned to stay away from porcupines, but he did let me call him off so does that qualify as smarter?

This Time Makes Four
2007 All rights reserved

  Rowdy’s first porcupine experience.  He was out of my sight for a minute and I called him.  It took quite a few calls but he finally showed up with a face full of quills.  We were of course a couple of miles from the car and Rowdy was pawing at his face and trying to rub his face on my leg which I discouraged.  I got him to the car and took him to the vet.  $300.00 later, he was fine.  But was he any smarter?




I don’t have a photo of that time because again we were miles away from the car and this time he was in a lot more distress.  I called Coffee (the zoo’s vet) and she was at the zoo and said that I could bring him right in.  We knocked him down then Coffee, I and 6 interns spent about an hour de-quilling him.  But was he any smarter?

Did I mention that this was within 3 weeks of his first quilling?




Do I look Smarter?
2007 All rights reserved


Time # 4.  This time no noise, no rustling bushes, no nothing.  He just walked into the woods and walked out with a new goatee.  The quills were obviously from an adult porcupine but none of them were deeply embedded.  So they were relatively easy to remove.  So I think he finally smartened up.  Here’s hoping!