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 I have been thinking about fostering a dog from one of the local humane societies, and having Millie stay at my house gave me the opportunity to see how it might go.  She was very cute, so sweet that you could go into a sugar coma, and a energetic bundle of mischievous puppy.

The Gang
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Rowdy loves to meet new dogs but gets quite annoyed when puppies leap at him so Millie was quite a shock to his system.  She, of course, fell head over heels in love with him and would not leave him alone.  Millie would show him no respect, she would climb on his back so she could chew on his ears.  Rowdy took sanctuary on the couch where Millie could not reach him.


Sadie Fights Back
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I have not had a young dog in the house for quite a while and had to look for ways to entertain Millie so I could read my e-mail.  She thought of this one herself, she took a huge rawhide bone away from Rowdy (puppies are so innocent) and worked on it for quite a while.  She could not get any chunks off so I did not worry about her swallowing any.

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I swear that I am not a kind of person who dresses dogs!  Well, not without good reason anyway.  I had a sweater that I had bought Sadie (who has NO fur, well no warm fur anyway) that fit Millie to a T.  I had some strange ideas about sizing dog clothes so quite a few of the clothes I bought Sadie were too small or too large.

Millie fit in well with my guys, she loved to follow the "big dogs" around.  Her short little legs slowed her down a bit but her heart was as big as a Rottweiler's.

Big "Brother"
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Sadie was quite standoffish the whole time Millie was here.  She would go upstairs and “pout” for most of the night.  When she did interact with Millie she was amazingly gentle, in the house that is, outside of the house she would tackle Millie like a linebacker in the playoffs.  Millie loved this and went back for more.

Busy Work
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Another way to keep her busy was to put a couple of pieces of her dog food in a box or bag and let her go to town.  Who knew this type of cereal was Pekinese size?

Dog Clothes
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