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I cannot resist taking photos of my pets.  I try to refrain from forcing them on everyone, so I am putting them here so you can ration them out yourself.

After coming home from a trip, my neighbor called me and asked me if I had lost a cat.  I went over to look and opened the box and discovered an Itty Bitty Kitty.  Of course I had to adopt her, how could I resist?

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Jackson came from Doberman Rescue Unlimited (DRU) in New Hampshire.  I've wanted a Doberman for a long time (even when I ended up with Rowdy I was looking for a Doberman).  He was living outside on a farm in Maine and developed mange.  The owners would not treat him so he ended up at the rescue.  They got him healthy and Nick and I picked him up in May of 2009.  Road Trip!

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Rowdy is an ~ 11 year old male Rottweiler that was adopted from the Herkimer Humane Society. He was apparently left tied to a dog house when his owners moved away. He came with the name “Joey” but after one day in my apartment I changed it to Rowdy.

On January 20, 2009, Rowdy was euthanized due to renal failure.  He started out as an unwanted, discarded dog that was abandoned by his owner.  He was in truth, an almost perfect dog (except for the drooling thing).   


Marble was a stray cat (male) trying to eke out a living at the Utica Zoo. I took him home some time ago and he has been with me ever since. It has been so long that I do not remember when I got him. He liked the indoor life but gained a lot of weight and topped out at 22#s. He is now down to 17#s and is much more active as Sadie keeps him on the go.
(Marble was euthanized in March of 2009 due to renal failure.)

Millie Thoughtful
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This is Jackie, my second foster dog.  She stayed with me for 6 months.  On January 2nd she went to her new "forever home" where she will be spoiled rotten ( as she deserves to be).

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Itty Bitty Kitty
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Sadie, a 6 year old female “mystery mutt”, was adopted from the Humane Society of Rome in 2003. She is a muscular, active (some say crazy) little dog. She would not like to be a “handbag dog”.

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Hector was boarding at the New Hartford Animal Hospital and Care Center because his owner was ill.  He had been there for about 3 weeks when the owner's wife asked us to find a home for him.  Two employees from the hospital took him home for a night and brought him back the next day.  A "wild child" Hector terrorized the other pets in the house, peed on the bed and danced on people's heads while they were trying to sleep.  (He is a Jack Russel/Pug cross which explains a lot) I took Hector home to "foster" him in November of 2009.  Then I accidently adopted him.

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 He was friendly, loyal, smart, tolerant, (ask Millie) and playful.  At 11(ish) years old he was playing with a tennis ball in the snow a week before he died.  His original owners had no idea what they “threw away”.  Good dog Rowdy!

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pretty kitty
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Millie is a 10 Month old Pekinese puppy who belongs to a friend from work.  She was pregnant, her hubby was sick and she could not deal with non-housebroken puppy at the time.  I offered to take her for a time until things settled down for her.  That way she could make a decision on whether to keep her later on and not when things were so hectic.

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Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos.