Alison's Pet Photos
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I got Sadie as a companion for Rowdy and an exercise toy for Marble. She was a stray dog with a few minor medical problems. She integrated into my household right away. She has no trouble keeping a 100# Rottweiler in line (although he is pretty tolerant) and she harasses the cat enough to get him to chase her once in a while. She is happiest when she can run and run and run. I rent her out to tire the neighborhood dogs.

The One That Got Away
2007 All rights reserved

Difficult to see in this photo I know, but this was the day that the toads came up to the pond to mate.They were everywhere!  Sadie went crazy trying to herd them all together and you can just see the splash from a close encounter.

Loose again
2007 All rights reserved

It takes all of my skill just to get the whole dog into the photo.

Drinking Problem
2007 All rights reserved

I was trying to get a shot of the dog and her shadow in the puddle but... oops.

2007 All rights reserved

A rare reflective moment.