Alison's Pet Photos
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When I worked at the zoo we sometimes had problems with cats taking up residence on zoo grounds. They would terrorize the birds, eat some of the babies and sometimes wander into the wrong exhibit and get eaten themselves. We would trap these cats and take them to Steven Swan Humane Society in Utica so that they could find them a real home. There was something about this beautiful cat that caught my attention. He was very calm when we examined him, sitting still for shots and never hissing or showing a claw. He was an adult, un-neutered male so I was reluctant to take him home but what the hell. We castrated him and I brought him home. He turned out to be the perfect housecat, never spraying in the house or destroying the furniture.

Out on the Lawn
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Marble is such a good cat that I will let him out on the lawn to eat some grass.  He comes right back when I call him (treat in hand).

Cat Nap
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Cats are the best sleepers on the planet!