Dragonflies and Damselflies
28 July 2007
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Today I went to West Winfield and met with Biologist Paul Novak and some other NYDDS volunteers.  Paul, Fred, Nan, Dave Tom and I went to a few spots in Otsego County.
The first spot was a large pond on state land.  There was a picnic area, boat launch and a very marshy area below the pond.  We found quite a few species there.

Sphagnum Sprite
2007 All rights reserved

This little gem is a Sprite.  I believe it is a female Sphagnum Sprite, Nehalennia gracilis, But it could also be a Sedge Sprite, Nehalennia irene.  I had never seen one before but I had not visited any bogs. 

Halloween Pennant
2007 All rights reserved

The aptly named Halloween Pennant, Celithemis eponina.

Ocellated Darner
2007 All rights reserved

We next went to a stream habitat.  Nan found a small Wood Turtle, Glyptemys insculpta, on the bank, basking in the sun.  I managed to nab this Ocellated Darner Boyeria grafiana.  Paul thought that this was a first capture for Otsego County.

Calico Pennant
2007 All rights reserved

I'm not sure who caught this Calico Pennant, Celithemis elisa, and I wish that I got a better photo, because this little beauty has little hearts running down its abdomen.

Common Pondhawk
2007 All rights reserved

A female Common Pondhawk, Erythemis simpliciollis.  The male of this species is a pretty primrose blue. (sorry no photo)

Ocellated Darner
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From the New York Dragonfly and Damselfly Survey Handbook for Workers;
      "Boyeria grafiana (Ocellated darner). This is a creek and river species that is underrepresented in our present lists. It flies late in the season and commonly during cloudy days when it is difficult to spot along vegetated banks."
This Dragonfly is listed as a species of Special Concern in Massachusetts.