Dragonflies and Damselflies
7 July 2007
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 I finally got my net so I thought I would try it out today.  The site I chose is an old abandoned Beaver pond.  The dam has been breeched and the water levels are low.

 I also got my copy of “A Field Guide to the Dragonflies and Damselflies of Massachusetts” that I ordered.  Wow that was quick!  I had to order it by snail mail and did not hold out a lot of hope but I got the book in 10 days.

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 Once again there were many Bluets (Enallagma).  I still cannot distinguish them so I collect a specimen for later identification.

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 This bugger was so wary I could not even get a decent photo.  I think it may be a Clubtail of some sort but I do not know.

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A teneral is a Dragonfly (or Damselfly) that has just emerged frrom its larval stage.  Their exoskeletons have not hardened yet so they are very fragile.  I search around for its exuviae (empty skin) but I did not see it.

Snail's Pace
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Things got slow (ha ha) and since it was threatening to rain I left.  I am going to try there again in a week or so.


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